Concierge Car Wash is the best car wash centre in New Zealand. We love cars and we love turning them into shiny and glossy beauties.

Our expertise in hand washing cars and car detailing means you’ll never want to go elsewhere.

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Nation-wide Hand Car Wash & Detailing New Zealand

We operate New Zealand-wide, including locations in Christchurch, and Auckland.

Premium handling of your car every time.

Sparkling cars, satisfied customers.

Sarah Pavlovich

Brilliant team! I wont be going anywhere else, service and quality is second to none. These guys do such a great job and with a smile. Very pleased with Charlie (my car) when he was...

Michael Tunbridge

Decided to get my car washed here on a whim and the service and quality is second to none. It’s been nearly two weeks and I’m still looking at my car in amazement. Very reasonab...

Rohb Llanes

Excellent Service while you shop in the Mall.Been traveling and the car needs some TLC. Manage to book it that time and they done a good job.

Rewards for Concierge regulars

Becoming a member of our loyalty programme will give you the following benefits:

2nd Visit

Complimentary Wheel Bling

4th Visit

Complimentary Wax

8th Visit

Complimentary Economy Wash